Version 0.9 of SWOS Picture Editor released featuring built in replay and highlight viewer.


New link added: Micmic's page about customizing SWOS. Feels like I should have added this sooner, but anyway, it's here. Contains guide for changing commentary and sound effects, and a tool to do it.


I've set up a guestbook. Check it out. Also one new link on links page - SWOS Graphics, site with updated graphics for SWOS. There you can see usefulness of Picture Editor. I'm forming a mailing list for announcing new versions of SWOS++. If you wish to be on this list, send mail to zkz@eunet.yu.


I'm releasing probably last version for this summer (v1.4), as I'm off to the vacations. In this version bugs concerning replay files are corrected. Bug that caused corruption of *.rpl files is fixed, and I believe that replay files system now works very stable. To skip boring parts of the game, I added 'f' command, which doubles the replay speed. It really gives replays a new dimension, and also by tapping the button you can get some nice Matrix effects :). I found piece of code probably used by SWOS team for testing the game, so I wired it to 'f2' - screenshots. When pressed during the game, it will save screen to file ?SAVE.256, where '?' goes from 'A' to 'Z' and around. You can view *.256 files with SWOS tools or Picture Editor. There haven't been much time to test all this, so I really hope it works OK now. Cheers and happy holiday season.

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