Old News


Two updates in one shot. New version of Picture Editor is available, with lots of fixes and additions. Pitch and pattern editing is improved, and I hope it's usable now. SWOS++ version 1.3 is out, with new menu for loading diy competitions. Thanks to Aminta for testing and bug tracking.


Just a fix for some things that weren't shown nicely (v1.2.3). See history for details.


SWOS++ version 1.2.2 that shows bench player numbers correctly is out. This should be the end for player numbers tweaking.


Patch to fix incorrect display of big numbers in substitutes menu is done. See latest version in download section.


After some time, finally an update. I've added links section. Not much right now, but it'll grow in time, especially with technically inclined sites. New version of SWOS++ is out. Now player numbers can be in range 0..127.


Corrected some minor mistakes on technical info page. Working on dechipering competitions format.


Version 1.1 is finished. Controls now can be changed from within SWOS. I was very tired when I wrote this code, so there could be deamons and dragons in it as far as I am concerned. Treat it with care. I received reports saying that replay saving is causing performance degradation on some machines. I'll probably switch to much better system in next version. But now I proceed to some more serious things (multiplayer? maybe...).


Technical info page is updated with more info about SWOS, and sprites map is added. Next version of SWOS++ is currently under development and will be ready soon. I'm just working on a code for controls changing.


First preliminary version is released. Probably the best thing in this version is saving and replaying complete games. This way not only a couple of details gets saved, but complete actions and other interesting stuff that happen during the game.
I am very interested to see how will this be accepted by SWOS community. This is probably the closest as we get to new game. In some way game development now continues.

P.S. I have just found something interesting. Go to options menu, put cursor to "exit", hold down, and press shortly fire fifteen times. Message:
"PRE-RELEASE VERSION (\00\00/94)" shows up in right corner of the screen. Could some of the better SWOS history connoisseurs tell me more about this version of the game?