version 1.4: (19.07.2004)

- fixed nasty bug that occasionally caused replay file corruption after calling bench
- now lastgame.rpl is properly saved even if game is aborted (e.g. alt+f1)
- replays can be speeded up by pressing 'f'
- screenshots by pressing 'f2'
- fixed higlights crashing after saving replay - now both can be watched
- joypad auto-detection at startup, so controls won't get blocked if joypad is not present

version 1.3: (30.05.2004)

- new load diy menu added, with long competition names and ability to change team controls
- startup Windows version check

version 1.2.3: (03.05.2004)

- fixed player number display when getting booked
- player number is hidden in substitutes menu when player is booked (if not, it would be seen behing card sprite, which looks bad)

version 1.2.2: (25.04.2004)

- fixed bench player numbers getting set to 12..16 regardless of real number

version 1.2.1: (22.04.2004)

- fixed invalid numbers display in substitutes menu and expanded it a bit to hold bigger numbers

version 1.2: (17.04.2004)

- player shirt numbers can now be anything from 0 to 127
- optimized loader and reduced its size
- patcher should now work fine with Underdogs SWOS

version 1.1: (23.09.2003)

- more intelligent auto-save options
- controls configuration inside the game, with support for two players on keyboard

version 1.0: (06.09.2003)

- completely integrated into SWOS menu system
- auto-replays are off by default
- spinning "S" is off by default
- auto-save options
- partial support for serbian latin letters
- save and replay complete game


Todo list:

things that will almost surely be done: [ON HOLD]

- better replays saving system
- network play - one on one, and watching the games
- adding complete support for serbian latin alphabet
- adding serbian cyrilic alphabet
- maybe internationalization (if people are willing to make their own fonts)
- initial check for thing that may crash SWOS (too many tactics, highlight files, etc.)
- improving replays - adding controls: fast forward, rewind, etc; making it look like more like a real game...
- making better replays format which will record name, date, comment and other information about the recorded game

long-term goals (probably never to achieve):

- network play, more players in one team
- improvements to game AI
- better computer management of team