SWOS Picture Editor

After some time working on this program, I have decided to stop further development. My opinion is that the program has fulfilled its goal. It was originally written to show numbers of sprites, to aid in further decoding of SWOS machine code. That goal was accomplished very satisfactory. Since then program has evolved into some kind of editor (although without direct editing capability) and became able of modifying almost every piece of graphics in the game. I think that future evolution would be of little use, and it will also give me more time to work on SWOS++, which has priority right now. I will not completely abandon existing users, and any reported bug will be corrected. Latest version (v0.9) can be downloaded here (documentation included):

swpe.zip [198kb]

Well, despite all this said, I seem to update it from time to time... Assume dead if no updates for a long time.