SWOS Working group is trying to develop and update SWOS. Big and well designed site with news, forums and lots of contents. Constantly updated. You can find a lot of info about SWOS there.
I am member of SWOS Working Core Group, and you can contact me by sending private messages on SWG, or posting your question on the forum.

Large organization of SWOS players. Home of SWOS League Online and lots of interesting stuff. This is where I began SWOSing :)

Graphics updates for SWOS - new pitches and sprites. Imported to SWOS with SWOS Picture Editor.

Micmic's SWOS customizing page: here you can get info and tools to change in-game comments. Also no-cd patch.

Ross Mayhew's page with graphic updates for SWOS.

Jonathan Daniels's attempt to recreate SWOS. Has good description of SWOS tactics format. Unfortunately, not updated for a long time.

Lots of info about adding divisions to SWOS. Martin's also a Working Group Core member.

How to play SWOS on the Internet.

So far most advanced clone of SWOS.